Study the Components of Success for Intentional Goal Setting

Michael Toxvaerd is a serial entrepreneur, financier, and investor. Much of his expertise is in smaller companies: scaling and selling them. At 26 he started his first business in telecom and grew it 10 fold. After selling it at 29, he moved to the UK to complete an MBA course. These foundational experiences led him to a fascination with venture capital and markets, paving the way to a finance-focused startup investment portfolio, founding HGB Holdings, and leading multiple entrepreneurship advisory boards.

Michael’s interview can teach us so much about building something to create change and impact. He has clearly achieved greatly himself and much of his success has been deliberate. In other words, it’s had little to do with luck. His observational skills on how things grow and the depth at which he has delved, in order to have the tools to deliberately create the next thing, this is impressive.

I think the way in which Michael studies success has come quite naturally to him, and from what I can see, it’s his character. What is rare, is that when someone does something that comes naturally to them, it’s often difficult for them to articulate what it is as it’s an unconscious process. The magic Michael has is that he has made it conscious, again quite deliberately, which of course means he can share his valuable strategies from a place of application, whilst being fully aware of what that means for the much bigger piece, the focus around the quality of our life – he feels this should be the backbone of every decision we make.

To give you an insight into the way Michael thinks – he says that a career is a tool, it should never be a goal. Our careers should start with being built with the quality of the life that we want to create for ourselves, then others and that business is our biggest resource to create sustainable impact.

I could go on. In essence, this interview itself is a valuable resource for anyone who has the passion to grow a business or not for profit.

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