Gemma Aston

What would you say to people considering the workshop?


Investing in myself is quite an alien thing… but actually its so simple isn’t it, because unless you are healthy, strong, capable of processing thoughts and finding solutions and finding that depth of who you are, then how on earth can you advise those around you.

Penny Power OBE

The people in the room:

Don’t have imposter syndrome; its so inclusive… because as Craig will let you know, human beings are phenomenal!

…you go into a diverse room of people and create attachments; some of which will last a lifetime, because you go in and open up, and there’s not many people you can do that with.

Gina Gardener

It’s time to recognise we need to live a life with purpose.

It gave me an opportunity to relook at content I’m very familiar with at a very different way. What are my strengths, what are my values, what are the things that are really important to me.

I left the day much richer because I had an opportunity  to really consider what I want to do with these learnings.

It acted as a kick start for the next phase.

Thomas Power

Craig’s delivery, Craig’s Energy, Craig’s passion, Craig’s teaching… I just love being around that energy.
I really enjoyed him and the day and the whole experience – it was like a whole energy exchange.


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