Avid Cross-Country Cyclist Living a Purpose-Driven Life Focused on Helping People Do Their Best

Rob Hamilton started his career as a surveyor and in 1999 went on to solve the problem of decentralized companies needing flexible offices: co-working. His strengths lie in how he builds relationships within organizations that foster a desire for presence and connection within the space. Hamilton practices socially-conscious investing as an angel investor for multiple ventures as well as his philanthropy work for 1moreChild in Africa. My Key Takeaways I really enjoyed my interview with Rob. Mainly because he consciously knows his strategy and exactly how it supports the growth of whatever it is he’s trying to change or impact at the time. He has much flexibility with how things develop but his strategy is a mindset approach and that never seems to waver. Rob takes very specific steps, the first knowing what it is he wants to achieve exactly, with the last being achieving the goal he set in the first place. In between those two places he puts everything into bite-size chunks, using language such as sprints and goals. His explanation of this process is by far more in-depth than I have just described and his description highlights the value that we could all reap from such a strategy – simplistic yet very effective! Rob also talks about openness with employees, clients and beneficiaries. We’re generally much happier to share when things are going well but the key is to share when they’re not. In Rob’s experience this allows for all involved to address and utilise their attributes and skills to collectively make a difference. He recalls this is when the true and more long term culture of his company was realised and believes it was the catapult for the many years of success that followed. The great thing about this interview is It’s a reminder that we already have the tools inside us to create the impact we want.

Connect with Rob Twitter: https://twitter.com/robhamiltonr25