Grit, determination and courage personified

After reading Economics and Politics at Exeter University, Sanger trained as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young before moving to an advertising agency. Frustration with the decision-making process led Sanger to open his own business, a chain of sandwich bars in West London.

David is an award-winning entrepreneur with experience in corporate acquisitions, shareholder exit and corporate sales, he has the ability to grow turnover & profitability.

Key Takeaways

Some of the things we do in our beginnings, specifically towards our work and bigger personal decisions, we realise that we could have made ones that were far more in keeping with the direction of who we are and what we want to achieve. Upon reflection and with hindsight we can look back and with a positive attitude can see that in their own way, these decisions have been monumental on our journey and have the potential to lead us to great things. David talks about his recognition of this piece.

In so many areas of our lives, we learn what we need through the contrast of experiencing that of which we don’t. David has a fear of failure and an overwhelming need to win. It’s of course an ongoing debate as to how much of our drivers we are born with versus our experiences in life that create these.

Something that definitely rings true for David, is that a will to win is born of confidence. I guess that can be confident in ourselves, a product or a cause, the ultimate would be all three.

The biggest piece David talks about is a winning culture and how to create that. He has a lot to say around this subject and I feel that he could give us all a master class on this. His clarity around the strategy and his passion to successfully achieve this is inspiring, and I believe if we were to listen to what he has to say and tick off his bullet points one by one, we would be very close to achieving this too.

After mentioning confidence, it is clear to see that David has this in spades and in every fibre of his body his statement ‘never forget the power of one individual’ is born from his confidence. As he so rightly says ‘if you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right!

In the process of creating meaningful impact, this is a great watch!

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