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Official Bio

Craig Goldblatt is an International Keynote Speaker, Impact Coach, Trainer and Philanthropist. Over the last 2 decades, Craig has changed more than 100,000 lives with 700+ keynote speeches worldwide. He’s sought-after by global leaders, CEOs, businesses, charities, and nonprofit organizations, helping them connect with their true purpose and magnify their impact.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Craig has traveled the globe, working in the private sector and with NGOs, charity enterprises and nonprofits. His experience with some of the most diverse cultures on the planet has given him an enhanced awareness of purpose, intention, motivation and human identity.

His unique perspective has helped many businesses and organizations like Microsoft, WWF U.K., WWF Africa, Warwick Africa (Warwick University), The Learning Trust, Article 25, ABB, Barclays Bank, Carlton TV, The Diana Award, The Ella Foundation achieve mission success.

As a philanthropist, Craig founded Giving Africa in 2010; a charity that empowers 800 children at Bethel Secondary School in Burkina Faso with high-quality education, resources, relevant skills and nutrition. Giving Africa currently feeds 250 children a day/per year and gives 150+ children vocational skills, sponsorships, medical checks and more for a brighter future of employment, higher education or entrepreneurship.

Craig also works directly with leaders, CEOs, philanthropists, charities, NGOs and nonprofits. Through impact coaching and workshops, he helps his clients connect with their true purpose, create a legacy and magnify their impact for extraordinary world change.

Topics Of Expertise

Craig offers his expertise through media commentary, workshops, coaching and keynote speaking on the following topics:

Discovering Your True Purpose

  • How to find it and make it happen NOW
  • Uncovering, extracting and amplifying your power
  • Understanding yourself and your deeper reason for living
  • The direct link between intention, identity, purpose and contribution that’s key to happiness, love and success (or holding you back right now)

Personal Mastery

  • Who are you at your very best?
  • How to become the best version of yourself and easily sustain it
  • Why growth is the secret to living a meaningful, authentic, prosperous life
  • The exact steps to take your personal and financial wealth to new heights

Magnified Impact For People, Businesses, Charities, NGOs, and Nonprofit Organizations

  • Make a real difference with BIGGER, FASTER contributions
  • Why you’re not attracting high net-worth donors (and how to do it)
  • Find passionate staff, volunteers and donors and create the ideal structure for mission success
  • How to shift your business/organization for MASSIVE results

Create A Lasting Legacy

  • Make your mark on the world by fulfilling your true, higher purpose
  • How to create a legacy that changes lives for generations
  • The Impact Blueprint to become an influential philanthropist that’s forever known for your work

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