Charity Enterprises, NGOs & Nonprofit Organizations:

Break Through The Noise

Mission-driven organizations are struggling to break through the noise.  Craig helps you to achieve the impact you desire.

With custom workshops, speaking and coaching for charities, nonprofits and NGOs, Craig will show you how to attract high-net worth donors, top-tier staff and passionate volunteers who are perfectly aligned to your purpose.

Turn Your Cause Into A Global Movement
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You Have More Lives To Impact.

Is your charity enterprise, nonprofit or social organization making a big enough impact?

Are small donations, overwhelmed staff and unreliable volunteers killing progress?

Maybe your organization is making headway, but you know it can do MORE. Go BIGGER. Change countless lives.

But obstacles get in the way. High staff turnaround. Zero focus. Donors who quit giving.

You could be helping so many more people, animals and environmental issues but your ultimate objectives stay just out-of-reach.

Craig can help you:

CONNECT with its true purpose

ATTRACT ideal high-net worth donors

RETAIN top-tier talent, team members and volunteers

You can make bigger contributions. Touch more lives. Develop better solutions.

But most charity enterprises and nonprofits take years, even decades to achieve their objectives.

Don’t waste any more time. My custom workshops are carefully designed to help you leverage what you’re already doing to land high net-worth donors and world-class talent who believe in your work.

That’s when you’ll magnify your impact.

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Extraordinary impact starts with one chat:

Unleash your best.
Make your mark.
Impact the world.

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