“Let Your Why Be Your Guide” – Tom Hewitt

Inspiring People Through Mentorship and Love of Surfing

Tom Hewitt MBE, founder and CEO of Surfers Not Street Children, fused his passion for helping street children with his love of surfing. This leadership coaching is using mentorship to create better lives for street children by teaching them how to surf. These inspiring projects in Mozambique and South Africa led him to take on more philanthropic humanitarian causes on the African continent. Later on, Hewitt was actively involved in the anti-aparthied movement in South Africa where he acted as a peace monitor for the first free and fair elections.

My Key Takeaways

Tom’s story from his childhood, to adulthood, and to the present day is a remarkable one and well worth a listen! His privilege as he sees it, gave him the opportunity to see such lack of privilege in others at an impressionable age. The influence from his dad, others, and the compassionate family in which he was born were a part of this. Equality and human rights were a regular topic of conversation. This is where his passion was born and grew into something immense, developing his mantra ‘always remain true to your mandate!’

Speaking with Tom was a valuable reminder to me for the tenacity needed for success: To never lose sight of our reason. The way in which we develop something of impact can of course change. There is a need for openness and flexibility but to waiver from the truth of your reason has the tendency to dilute impact greatly!

This interview was so valuable for me as I can clearly relate this to where I’ve been successful and my reason being centre stage has been paramount at these times. In short your reason is the spine of what you do. What a simple yet remarkable focus for us all!

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