“Leaving a Legacy in Environmental Causes and Chasing What Inspires You” – Nick Nuttall

Nick Nuttall kicked off his career in journalism – talking to people. Over the past 17 years, his work with the United Nations has spanned climate change, to the environment, to communities. Nuttall feels that his achievements are attributed to his innate curiosity and desire to help others. Wealth to him is not a measure of success. In his eyes it hinders more people than it benefits. Success is doing great things and finding purpose.

My Key Takeaways

Nick’s career has been a colourful one starting with journalism, from covering headline stories, to spending the last 17 years working with the United Nations covering all aspects from the environment to communities.

Nick feels his achievements have been met through following what’s real. To be a successful journalist you have to look deeper than the surface and have an innate curiosity to look for what isn’t the obvious, rather than being conditioned into a fear of uncertainty. Being risk averse does not create change. Lines need to be stepped over and systems have to be challenged to create meaningful impact. Our preconceived ideas are merely a stepping stone for leading us from the past to the future and these must be challenged.

A big part of my conversation with Nick looked at how our capitalist world both supports and hinders us. In Nick’s opinion, it creates a substantial life for some and a lesser life for most – we follow the money in order to demonstrate our wealth. Unfortunately, this has become our main tool to measure success.

To take a long hard look at what value we place on wealth, being bold in our character and to recognise our purpose is to contribute and do great things. This is when we can have a truly rich life with the potential for financial wealth to follow.

Nick is a bold character who definitely doesn’t live to play safe. He instead lives to create change in areas that he has grown to become passionate about. I’m not sure we all live this way, certainly to the same extent of Nick but his absence of fear in this way is admiral.

Connect with Nick
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-nuttall-7413ba163/?jobid=1234