“Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneur Inspired by His Son”

Frithjof Finkbeiner is the founder and owner of Plant-for-the-Planet. Inspired by his son, the pair set out to plant trees. Thirteen years later, the idea had attracted attention from the World Economic Forum and was also digging into the environmental impacts on a granular level. Finkbeiner’s approach to work is gaining the right knowledge, taking action, and then inspiring others to get on board.

My Key Takeaways

Frithjof is definitely doing something right. Of all the organisations that I’ve become aware of in recent times, where the focus is protecting our natural environment and the planet, his family run organisation has made me think more than any other as to how, me, as one individual, can make a significant difference.

Frithjof highlights that people who do great things always look outside of themselves. Whether something is possible or not is rarely asked. It’s about a strong belief encompassing passion, a need for change, justice at some level and a value and moral driven compass. This was the gem I got from my time with Frithjof – before we embark on our journey of meaningful impact, we first need to check that we have these tools in our toolbox. That is our fuel. It’s our dynamite when there’s an obstacle in the way, it’s our yes when everything and everyone else is saying no and our reason when we have to be unreasonable.

In Frithjof’s mind, his goal is simple and actually in my mind it’s simple too! It’s many other things outside of that that make our cause complicated. Our work is then gaining the right knowledge, taking action and getting others on board. That is a large part of what building our ship is about – one clear goal, one clear vision, with a super great team of people around us. To not achieve, is not an option!

Connect with Frithjof
Website: https://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/en/home