Living On Purpose

If you are at a cross roads and wondering what next and you’re looking to live a life on purpose… then do this workshop.  Craig’s got the balance right on delivering concepts and then supporting you to dig deep within you to find that spark.

This will be the foundation that will enable you to live life with passion and to get out of bed with a spring in your step.

Owen O’Malley, November 2022 

Living on Purpose Workshop

To support you to live a happier, more confident, more courageous life, we have created the Living on Purpose inspirational workshops.

This full day focuses on deepening the passion and inspiration within you.

It is for those looking for new energy, a second career or simply wanting to have the time to reflect on what is most important in their lives.

BOOK NOW for our next workshop on June 8th, 2023.

Early bird rate £350+vat until May 5th, £400+vat thereafter.

Inspirational Workshop

With an intimate 15-20 in the room, we will explore what is Intention and Purpose and how to understand how to find yours. 

This will help you to; find more clarity in your life, become more courageous to live your dreams, have more confidence and to live a life full of purpose.

Delicious Refreshments

A selection of organic snacks and refreshments to keep you going through the day. Please bring your own lunch as there are no nearby eateries.


During the day we will encourage you to stretch your legs in the surrounding countryside as well as join in some gentle stretches and movement.

Visualisation and Meditation

A meditation and guided visualisation to bring us to a powerful space for our inspiring day. This is a great way to have real clarity of thought to support our growth.